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Divorce: When are you required to "Announce" it?

Have you ever watched a movie that had a scene in which there was a "Reading of the Will"? You know, where everyone who might be left something in the Will shows up, only to find out that some of them got left out. It makes for some great movie scenes. In fact, a Will Reading is a major scene in one of my favorite movies. Have you ever been to a Reading of the Will? Probably not. Do you know why? Because they don't exist – at least not in Texas. It's made up. Well, I just checked the news. I do it several times a day on one of my favorite social media platforms. And today, I keep seeing the headline that one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and his supermodel wife have "Announced" their divorce. After about the 20th time I saw it, I couldn't help myself – I had to write a Blog Post. I had to answer the questions that were being begged: When do you need to Announce your Divorce? Are there deadlines? Did I mess up? Was I supposed to Announce it in the Classified Ads of my local newspaper? Here are the answers:

You don't! No. No. and No. And by the way, NO you can't "decide who will get custody of your children after you die" with one of those stupid, "cheap" online Will making apps. They're lying to you. Don't get your legal knowledge from movies, "News" sources, or commercials. Consult a competent attorney.

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