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Beal Law Firm Reviews and Testimonials from Former Clients and Contacts

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Other Comments Sent to Us Over the Years

As someone who generally does not write reviews or provide public feedback, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts about Eric Beal and the team at the Beal Law Firm. Eric has handled several matters for me, ranging from a divorce to creation of personal financial documents. More importantly, Eric has unfailingly provided me with pragmatic, sensible advice and guidance, even if it was not what I wanted to hear. There are many knowledgeable and qualified attorneys in this market, but Eric truly differentiates himself from others by matching his superior knowledge and experience (25 years) with a perspective and patience that I found to be invaluable, both legally and personally. The exact same qualifications apply to others in his firm with whom I have worked, notably Constance Mims. Lastly, I will mention that I recently approached Eric with some legal work that he could have easily handled for me. Instead of taking on my business, he very candidly told me that he knew of another attorney who was even better with this type of work than he is. That type of honesty/integrity is rare in almost any profession today, but I find it refreshing and reassuring in my attorney. Do yourself a favor, if need a "good divorce lawyer", give Eric a call. I am sure I will be reading your glowing review here at some future date.


-- 2015, Former Divorce Client




To Whom It May Concern:


This letter comes to the Beal Law Firm just a couple of weeks after an intense consultation with Eric Beal on how to minimize the damage of a divorce proceeding and the attendant financial, domestic, familial, and community fall out from such a tragedy. Happily, with your skillful counsel and some careful maneuvering, the case will be dismissed by the court this week.


To those who are faced with a divorce petition not of their own choice, I can enthusiastically, whole-heartedly, and without reservation recommend Eric Beal and the Beal Law Firm.


In my experience, Eric and his capable staff were always available, even changing schedules to make timely consultations possible. They focus exclusively on family law in the metro area, which give them a very big advantage in the arbitrary nature of a family law court proceeding. Eric was true to his word to use the lowest skill level in the office to complete assignments, such that clerical duties didn’t bill at $400 an hour. To me, Eric’s billings were honest almost to a fault, and were very, very reasonable given the track record and high service level of the Beal Law Firm. I had no idea such superior talent could be so affordable.If you find yourself in the terribly unfortunate position of an unwanted divorce proceeding, Eric and his most capable team at the Beal Law Firm will be a ray of light to bless your world.  Take advantage of it.


-- 2014, Divorce Client




Eric Beal and his knowledgeable staff always provide superior, exceptional and top rate service to myself and my family. We have used his law firm on a couple of occasions now and highly recommend their highly experienced, extremely professional and very friendly staff. Eric Beal and his staff are the best of the best.


-- 2015, Modification Client




An answered prayer! That's what I want to say about this firm. From the moment I walked in I was always greeted warmly and treated with the utmost respect. I have been a client for over 2 years now and I don't plan on using anybody else ever.


I have been blessed enough to have the counsel of Eric Beal, Constance Mims, and Ana Bachmann in a child custody matter. My daughter is healthy, safe, and happy because of the expertise of this group. She is thriving and I can't begin to express how hard they have all worked on my case. Every penny spent has been more than worth it because they have provided a way for me to have the best for my child.


Thank you Beal Law Firm for everything!


-- 2015, SAPCR-Custody Client




Intelligent… Strategic... Engaging... Thoughtful... Caring... Strong... these are the characteristics I associate with Eric. He is always committed to his clients and their success, and thinks through difficult problems to help arrive at solutions. Trust your family law needs to Eric, he'll take care.


-- 2014, Child Support and Modification Client




Eric Beal and his associates provided timely, highly professional service in my case. I appreciated the clear communication throughout my divorce and highly recommend him.


-- 2012, Divorce Client




I have known Eric as a colleague and friend for more than 20 years. I had no idea that I would personally need to avail myself of his family law expertise, but in the middle of 2013, I did. As tough as it was to 1) work through the dissolution of a marriage of 20+ years and 2) how to limit the collateral damage to the three wonderful kids of that marriage, Eric and his entire staff were there with knowledge and professional representation every step of the way. The end result was that the divorce was finalized on December 31, 2013, and I am now able to move forward. I have referred a number of clients to Eric over the years and prior to my divorce. Following my own divorce, I am all the more happy and confident to recommend the services of Eric, the attorneys in his office, and his staff.


-- 2013, Divorce Client




"Eric Beal and his associates provided timely, highly professional service in my case. I appreciated the clear communication throughout my divorce and highly recommend him."

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2013

"On behalf of myself and my son I want to thank you guys for everything you have done to help us to stay together. I also want to thank you for the birthday card you sent it was much needed. Be safe and God bless you and yours."

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2013

"Awesome and thanks for all the help.   You guys have been great to work with.  Hopefully I won’t need this type of service again, but if I do run into someone that needs your services, I will send them your way. Constance-- Please note the enthusiasm in the service I received by my legal team.   Great job!!"

-- Divorce Client, 2013

"Thank you for all you have done for me.  I would elaborate, but where does one begin.  Know that it starts and ends with [my son]...After you are paid, I am still in your debt.  Maybe one day I can return a favor or three."

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2010

"Because of you I have always seen attorneys as the champions of truth. As corny as that sounds, I know you truly work to make the world a better place. . . . Again, it is so great to find that [after] all this time in the legal system you are still so kind and easy to talk to."

-- Potential Client, 2008

"Thank you for all of your efforts.  I made a good decision using you as my attorney.  You were able to get me exactly what I wanted."

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2009

"Thanks so much, Eric.  Really, yours is a ministry to hurting folks!"

--  Former Client, when referring a friend

"It has been my honor to have met you and have you on my side during this rough spell.  I wish I would have acted sooner."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2008

"Everyone in your office was so helpful and friendly . . . whenever I needed something, they were there . . . Please pass along my thanks to them as well"

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2009

"Thanks for all your guidance . . . I am very pleased [a lawyer I know] referred me to your office."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2008

"Eric Beal . . . I highly recommend him.  This is his area of expertise."

-- Transactional Lawyer's response to a client that asked for a referral to an aggressive family law attorney with reasonable rates, 2008

"Thank you so much for all your advice and help!!! Thank you for taking the time to help me in such a terrible situation.  I appreciate everything you have done to help me."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2008

"Thanks Eric . . . you are so kind to help me out."

-- Divorce Client, 2008

"We’re going on a year now since my divorce was final and two years since my [spouse] left me unexpectedly.  I remember vividly that first day I came to see you.  I thought my world had ended.  And, after discussing my situation, I think you agreed that I was in a difficult position.  But, you reminded me that you were an attorney and counselor at law.  Based upon experience, you had a good idea of how the divorce would go, and frankly, how my life would go over the course of the next few years.  In fact, you said “I’ve seen this so many times before.  In three years, [your spouse] and the other [person] will have broken up and you’ll be married to someone better.”  Well, I’m glad to say you were right.  I am engaged to a wonderful [person] who respects and appreciates me.  Unfortunately for [my-ex], the other [person] didn’t work out. 

. . . So, I want to extend my sincerest appreciation for all you did to help me through that incredibly difficult time.  Your guidance led me to a divorce settlement that was more than fair.  And, your counsel prepared me for the better life to come.  I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you!"

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2008



"First, let me say that what led me to seeking your counsel was, in large part, the reviews posted by your clients on your website, your resume...and the fact that you are a US Marine. Thank you for the commitment and intelligence you demonstrate in seeking resolution of my case. . . . Thank you again, Eric, for the (over) time you have spent on my case."

-- Paternity/Divorce Client, 2008

"Thanks for everything through my divorce. . . . Everything went smooth . . . even when I was stressed, you called [my spouse's] bluff . . . Thanks again."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2009

"Thank you very much, Eric.  I must say that you and your staff were very gracious, kind, and professional as you guided me through this difficult process.  I will take your advice and be the best [parent] I can be.  I will certainly refer you enthusiastically given the opportunity."

-- Out-of-State Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2008

"Call Eric Beal.  He does all our family law work in the area and we have always been pleased."

-- Tarrant County Personal Injury Attorney, 2008

"Thank you [,Constance,] for your help with this.  Everyone in the office has helped me so much during all of this navigating my way through the legal system.  It certainly isn't something I would recommend to anyone but I am glad that I had both you and Eric and everyone else who has had to deal with me and this case in my corner."

--  Criminal Law Client, 2009

"I have been meaning to pass along my gratitude and appreciation for all your and Constance's help and professionalism in handling my case."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2008

"Spending the day with you [at Mediation] on Friday was very encouraging for me. I learned a lot about what I'm going through both on a legal level and a personal level. I thank you for being so candid about your personal situation. I feel much better about what I'm going through knowing you are with me."


-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2007 




"Thank you for all you did today.  I appreciate your time and hard work."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2008

"I periodically think of you and the help you provided during a very stressful time in my life and am indeed grateful."


-- Divorce Client, 2004

"Eric we can't thank you enough for all you are doing for her, you have been such a blessing to us."

-- Parents of Client, 2009

"Thank you for doing such a professional job on this order."

-- Paternity Client, 2008

"We wanted to write a note to the three of you to say how thankful we are for all of your hard work on our case. We appreciate your responsiveness to our questions and concerns, your way of communicating news (both good and bad), your willingness to meet us and work around our schedules, your way of doing business that kept our financial needs in mind, and of course Eric's legal mind that didn't allow the other side's posturing to get the upper hand. We also appreciate your thinking of us when [our baby] was born . . .and [we] realize that the outcome [of our case] could have been a lot worse if you all were not as detail oriented and professional as you are. We realize that it is a long time until [our child] is 18 years old and if anything else arises, you will be our first call!" 


--Child Custody Client, 2006



"We certainly appreciate your continued guidance and advise regarding our legal proceedings . . . We sincerely value your level head and strategic advice and counsel as we determine our next steps."


--Child Custody Clients, 2008




"Thanks so much for all your help and patience throughout this process. We truly appreciate your efforts to defend our interest and now celebrate the outcome. Thanks for everything!"


--Child Custody Client, 2006




"I wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank You for your time yesterday. I feel like my money was well spent. A compliment to you. Once again, Thank You."


--Child Custody Potential Client, 2006



"Thank you for all of your help.  Would not want to go through this without you."


--Divorce/Child Custody, 2006 and 2008



"It’s been quite some time since we spoke, I believe almost a year ...I hope that I expressed my appreciation at the time when you were helping me with everything – just in case I fell short I just wanted to say: You did a great job for me and I really thank you for everything that you did for me, I appreciate it so much ...and I hope everything is fantastic for you."


-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2005

"We were very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. . . . Thanks again and thank you for getting these documents prepared so quickly."

-- Estate Planning Client, 2008

"I very much appreciate everything your office has done for me. You have all been wonderful . . . I was quite impressed. Thank you very much" 

-- Divorce Client, 2005 

"Thanks for taking good care of . . . my youngest of four daughters." 

-- Father of Child Custody/Child Support Client, 2005 

"Thank you for answering my questions with honesty . . . Thank you again for taking my case.  You and your staff are highly appreciated."

-- Divorce Client, 2008

"Thank you and (please) tell all your staff for all there time & help in my divorce . . ." 

-- Divorce Client, 2005 

"The last year has been a crazy, difficult time for me. You never plan on facing such a life changing event. It's funny, the dust just now seems to be settling on all of this for me. And now I can clearly see what has happened, what the damage is and what steps I can take to rebuild a better life for myself. I'm glad you have been there to help guide me through and protect me. I sincerely appreciate all your help." 

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2007 

"I recommend Eric Beal.  I have referred my own clients to him and they have all been very pleased."

-- Personal Injury Attorney, 2008

"You are fortunate to have Eric .... He is squared away." 

-- Senior Military Officer to Divorce/Child Custody Client of Eric Beal, 2007 

"I'd try Eric Beal. We send our [Referrals] to him and he has always done a great job on the matters we refer."

-- Fellow Tarrant County Attorney, 2006

"Just wanted you to know that we hadn't forgotten about you! . . . They're both 'A' students and just as happy as can be. . . . I thank the Lord everyday for them and I pray for you. . . . Again I say thank you, God bless you in all of your endeavors. . . . God Bless you! THANK YOU!!"

-- Two years after Child Custody Jury Trial, 1995

"I really appreciate your help, Eric.  Anybody that I come across that needs your services, I will encourage them to call you."

-- Potential Child Support Client, 2008

"I wanted to thank you for your teams' efforts on my situation.  I felt like the advice I received from you was solid and timely.  Your team was always available and very courteous during a very trying time for me.  I will keep your number in my cell phone and hope I never need to use it."

-- Divorce Client with children, 2005 

"I value your opinion . . . you are not one of those attorneys just out for money . . . you like to really help people." 

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2004 

"I appreciate your fighting attitude, this is what I needed in [my prior case] and didn't get from [my prior attorney]. Keep up the good work!" 

-- Child Custody Client, 2006 

"I appreciate the time you gave me . . . Your patience, sharing your personal experience created a great comfort . . ." 

-- Divorce Client, 2002 

"I have referred a number of people to Eric Beal and they have all been very pleased." 

-- Texas Attorney, 2005 

"Thank you for representing me so well, Eric. I am so grateful you recognize the gifts you have been given and have chosen to use them helping people like me." 

-- Paternity Client, 2008 

"I appreciate the way you have always given me options as to how to move forward. And, I’ve been told that if this does end up in a court room, that you are the guy I want representing me." 

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2007

"You have all done such a fine job of helping me with this, very professional, and very thoughtful. I appreciate you all. Many, many thanks." 

-- Divorce Client, 2005 

"'Thank you' doesn't even touch the surface. . . . You guys are the best. Thank you for all your hard work, time, support, . . . . I give you my word that I will refer you to anyone who I may come across that needs your services." 

-- Divorce Client, 2005 

"I just wanted to take a moment and drop you a note about the [recent] mediation.  I wanted to compliment you on your handling of this case.  At all times you seemed conversant with the facts, knowledgeable of the applicable law, and obviously concerned for the needs and welfare of your client.  You effectively communicated the pros and cons of the settlement to your client, as well as apprising your client of the probabilities of the results in trial either being favorable or unfavorable.  In closing, you did an excellent job for your client."

-- Family Law Mediator, 2007

"'Thank you for the thoughtful Christmas & birthday cards. Your firm clearly cares about its clients. Meeting with your team and Ms. Rhoades was one of the few positive experiences I had while going through my divorce. Best wishes on your future prosperity!" 

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2005

"This is just a short little note to express my great appreciation for taking time with me last week to discuss my divorce and to answer some questions. It was very helpful and put me at ease for the time being! . . . Again, thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with me. Words cannot express my thankfulness." 

-- Child Custody Client, 2005 

"I would always recommend you to anyone who needs an attorney and of course I would call you with any of my legal needs in the future." 

-- Divorce Client, 2005 

"Thanks for handling this for me.  I really appreciate your professional representation on my behalf." 

-- Divorce Client, 2006

"Thanks Eric.  You're the best." 

-- Divorce Client, 2006

"WOW! I have perused the documents you recently prepared in my case. . . . This is outstanding work! I am very pleased."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2007

"I know you are doing what is best . . . thank you for your time and effort with everything."

-- Divorce/Child Custody Client, 2007

"Can I recommend a Tarrant County attorney?  Eric Beal is my "go-to" attorney over there. . . . Eric has an impeccable reputation, he's tough [an ex-Marine], and he's brilliant." 

-- Dallas County Family Law Attorney, 2007

"Thank you. . . . I appreciate your hard work in helping me through this divorce."

-- Divorce Client, 2007

"You have no idea how much I appreciate what you have done for us. . . . Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"

-- Child Custody Client, 2006

"Thank you.  I could not have written it any better myself.  Thanks for your diligence."

-- Child Custody Client, 2008

"I truly appreciate your straight forwardness. . . . you have always been easy to talk to. . . . You have given me . . . a lot of insight about several issues . . ..  You seem to handle the stress well.  The world needs a lot more attorneys like you. . . . I wish you all the goodness life has to offer. . . . Thank you so much."

-- Potential Client, 2008

"Eric, Constance, and Team - Thanks for your patience and support through the 'D' word.  I hope I don't need your services in the future, but will stay in touch."

-- Divorce and Child Custody Client, 2009

"We certainly appreciate your continued guidance and advise regarding our legal proceedings . . . We sincerely value your level head and strategic advice & counsel as we determine our next steps."

-- Child Custody, Termination, & Adoption Client, 2008

"Ms. Mims - Thank you for your quick response and help."

-- Child Support Client, 2009

"I let [the potential client] know our history with you, how skilled you are, and how kind and patient you are (like when you trained me for a whole day on how to read contracts, and all your help with [another Divorce client we referred to you]).  Thanks for at least talking to her, Eric, I know it will be a great help just to have a place to start!"

-- Former Client referring to Potential Divorce Client, 2009




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