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Denton Divorce Lawyer 

There are a number of reasons you may need to get a divorce from your spouse, and regardless of why, change is always painful. Infidelity, lack of commitment, and even fundamental incompatibility often lead to intense emotions during divorce. When faced with irreconcilable differences, navigating the life-changing event of divorce can be challenging. The reality is that sometimes all parties involved don't see eye to eye on what's best for their future. That's why family law attorneys exist – to protect those who need protection and serve as the voice of reason for you.

If you are seeking a divorce in Denton, a divorce lawyer who focuses in this area can help you understand each step of the process and work toward creating a strategy that provides realistic expectations for your case. Not every divorce is a long, dragged-out fight, but sometimes they can be. When emotions are already high, there is no substitute for competent legal representation. A family law attorney in Denton can ensure paperwork is filed and work to make the case as fair as possible so that when everything settles down, you have the peace of mind to start living your life again.


While many try to frame mediation as an alternative to divorce, this is a tool used to conclude a divorce. Divorces are lawsuits. So even if mediation is the tool that leads to a settlement without a trial, it is still only a tool. In Texas, even divorces that seek a 'meditation' route are still considered divorces. If the couple doesn't agree during negotiations, they will move forward with going before a judge. While mediation does provide relief to some couples, there are still offers and counteroffers that are best evaluated by an attorney, because once a proper Mediated Settlement Agreement is signed, it’s final.

If you are seeking mediation in Denton, a divorce lawyer will be there during mediation to evaluate each of the offers and counteroffers. Mediators do not take the place of an attorney, are an unbiased third party, and are prohibited from giving legal advice. Still, as part of your negotiation strategy, it helps to have someone who knows how the process works. The mediator cannot advise you about the laws or your rights under them, so having a divorce lawyer in Denton on hand during your mediation sessions is crucial.

Post-Divorce Property Matters

Marriage creates a "community" estate. With the dissolution of a marriage, the courts are charged with dividing the community property of the parties. Though the total division of the community estate should be what happens, that isn't always the case. If a piece of community property was not addressed in the Final Decree of the divorce, then it may become necessary to file a post-dissolution case.

A Post-Dissolution Suit is an original lawsuit, and in Denton, a divorce lawyer will help walk you through the steps to file a petition and have the respondent served. Depending on the facts and circumstances, the court will decide how to divide the property in a "just and right, equitable" fashion, unless the parties settle the case.

Seeking Modification of Child Support

With the current economic downturn, a modification or enforcement of child support may be necessary. When the circumstances of a person affected by the order have materially and substantially changed, or it has been three years since the order was rendered, it may be possible to modify the child support order. The court will take into account many factors during this. The other party may also file a countermotion requesting a reduced support amount.

If you're seeking child support modification, you need a Denton divorce lawyer who knows the local process and laws governing child support modifications. Whether you can and should file for a modification of a child support order is a decision that should be navigated with competent legal counsel. If you are defending yourself against a request that a child support order you are living under should be modified and are worrying about how it will impact your financial future, we can help you defend against it.

Are You in the Military And Facing Divorce?

Some aspects of military family law are wholly different than in the civilian world. The retirement system, the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act, and the termination of leases are unique aspects of facing divorce while in the military. If you are searching for a family law attorney in Denton, the principal attorney at Beal Law Firm, Eric Beal, served active duty in the United States Marine Corps and has transformed those experiences into a unique understanding of military family law.

Military families face challenges civilian families don't, and Beal Law Firm attorneys believe that being informed with competent legal counsel is crucial to navigating those challenges during the divorce. When considering which Denton divorce lawyer to work with on your case, consider working with someone who understands both military and civilian law. If you are deployed and have been served for divorce, we can walk you through how to utilize the Service Member's Service Relief Act to give you more time to plan through the situation.

Representation For Family Law

Beal Law Firm is one of the state's oldest and largest exclusively family law practices. You want a divorce lawyer in Denton who can offer you competent legal advice and treat your case as the priority. The best way to have a working relationship with your attorney is to let them know what you need, and our staff is prepared to keep you up to date through tools like our client portal with messaging.

Our Denton divorce lawyers are well-trained and can help with all family law matters. When facing divorce, it is hard to tell whether it will be complex or relatively easy. In either situation, hiring a family law attorney for your Denton County case is critical for your case. We understand that people's lives change when they file for divorce, but we are here to help.

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