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Military Family Law

There are some aspects of Military Law that are unique in that the civilian world has no equivalent. There are other areas in which the unique aspect of the situation is that one or more of the persons involved is or was in the Military.


Some of the things unique to the Military are the retirement system, the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act, including the provisions dealing with a stay of proceedings, termination of leases, and reduction of interest, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. When dealing with any of the matters related to the Military, it is comforting to find an attorney that knows the system. It is even better if the attorney has experienced the system first-hand.


The principal attorney at the BEAL LAW FIRM lived under the Military system and the UCMJ for four years of active duty. From 1983-1987, Eric Beal served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps as an Artillery Officer and ultimately, as Legal Officer of 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines.


For approximately 2 ½ years, Lieutenant Beal served as both an Artillery Officer and Legal Officer to a unit of over 700 Marines. During that time, he handled the legal officer aspect of countless courts-martial, Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP/Article 15), pre-trial confinements, and JAG manual investigations. Contemporaneously, Lieutenant Beal served as an Artillery Liaison Officer in what was then known as the Rapid Deployment Force in various field operations in support of 1st Marines, 5th Marines, 7th Marines, 27th Marines, 1st Tank, and 1st LAVs.


The experiences gained in the Military, and the rank of Captain ultimately obtained, have allowed for a breadth of understanding of the hardships of the combat and support troops and officers and of the legal system under which they live.


As a legal officer, in April 1986, Lieutenant Beal graduated from the Military Justice Legal Officer Course with a final score in excess of 100, setting the all-time record for highest score achieved in that school. Following active duty, then Captain Beal attended and completed Baylor School of Law as the Highest Ranking Student in the School of Law with the highest honors available.


In deciding which attorney to turn to with issues of Military Law, strong consideration should be given to one that not only knows the rank structure and the day-to-day difficulties involved in the military but one that has shown an excellence of achievement when measured on an objective scale.


The BEAL LAW FIRM has the experience and knowledge to represent you in the manner that you deserve and need.

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