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Professional representation in family law matters can be essential because the stakes are so high. Divorce is often one of the most painful experiences people go through, and they should be treated with respect. While divorce may genuinely be the best solution, it's essential to consider all factors when deciding the next steps for your life and those of your children. A divorce can affect both parties for years to come. Having an experienced lawyer ensures that you're taking the proper steps toward a positive outcome.

A divorce can involve much more than just dividing assets and debts. It requires making decisions about custody and child support, when children are involved. Once a divorce is resolved, both parties often remain in contact to co-parent their children. An amicable resolution of custody arrangements helps children feel safe and secure. This allows families to create a new normal and move forward after the divorce.

Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved. In addition to navigating the legal aspects of your divorce, you may also be grappling with complex emotions. While your friends and family can support you and offer emotional support, they likely will not know what you must do legally to prepare for a divorce. Hiring a family law attorney serving Flower Mound, Texas who focuses in divorce, can provide you with the guidance you need.

Federal And State Laws

Family law encompasses federal and state laws that govern divorce, adoption, child custody, support, and more. It is critical to understand your rights and options under these laws. Hiring a family law attorney serving in Flower Mound, Texas, should be the first step in a divorce. Your spouse and the opposing counsel may attempt to negotiate settlements without the aid of an attorney. However, negotiating a settlement on your own carries many risks. Avoid costly mistakes by hiring an attorney serving Flower Mound with a comprehensive view of family law matters.

Even seemingly simple cases can need guidance for clients to be well-informed. Divorce, for example, must have at least three parts. The beginning documentation filed with the court is called a petition, followed by a minimum 60-day waiting period. There is proof of notice to the spouse also required. A final ending document called a decree is the last thing filed at the end of the case.

There may also be a wealth of other legal paperwork that needs to be handled, such as:


  • A Temporary Restraining Order

  • Temporary Orders

  • Written Discovery

  • Oral Depositions

  • Multiple Motions For Additional Temporary Orders


An attorney can guide you through every step of your divorce. Having an attorney will allow you to receive advice from a licensed professional who knows how to manage the legal process and protect your rights during this stressful period. A knowledgeable Flower Mound attorney can help you obtain fair property division, custody arrangements, and child support payments. The sooner you hire an attorney, the less stress you will need to go through overall.

Adultery: How Does It Affect My Divorce?

When you file for divorce, you and your spouse may have a wide variety of concerns, including child custody and support. One question often comes up during divorces: “How does adultery affect my divorce?”

There is a precedent for suing an adulterous spouse for damages, but whether you actually should is a personal decision to be discussed between you and your attorney. It requires a carefully crafted petition and the necessary advocacy skills that only a competent family law attorney serving in Flower Mound, Texas can provide.

High-Asset Divorce

High-net-worth couples usually face unique and significant challenges during their divorce. In fact, high-net-worth divorces are considered some of the most complicated divorce cases. High-value marital assets include homes, business interests, and investments. In addition to being more complex, high-asset divorces tend to have a more significant conflict due to the property's value. The financial stakes of divorce are higher.

Dividing the marital estate can become contentious when couples have divergent opinions regarding their shared property. It can be imperative to hire a Flower Mound divorce lawyer to represent you in high-net-worth divorce proceedings.

Military Families

Divorcing military families in Flower Mound, Texas may need the assistance of a skilled family law attorney, who has extensive experience handling military divorces. In particular, those who are stationed overseas or have relocated frequently. In addition to the complex Texas Family Code, military families seeking divorce face the division of retirement assets and child custody.

The division of military retirement assets can be challenging if you serve overseas and the divorce occurs when you return home. There are also common misconceptions about military retirement assets. If a divorce is on the horizon and you live in Flower Mound, divorce lawyers that you contact should have extensive knowledge beyond these common misconceptions. Senior Attorney Eric Beal is a former U.S. Marine Corps Legal Officer who understands that divorce while in the military or as a veteran can be a complex, difficult-to-navigate situation. Contact us today if you have questions regarding retirement benefits and military divorces and require a Flower Mound divorce lawyer.

Child Support Calculations

While each state has child support requirements, the calculations for determining child support can vary. The basics of the Texas Family Code child support guidelines consider the number of children for support and the obligor's net resources (the one who has to pay child support). Depending on your specific situation, the court may consider additional factors before making a determination.

The determination of child support has a set of guidelines. The use of the Guidelines is "presumed in the best interest of the child," and understanding how child support is calculated makes sense for many reasons. A family law attorney serving in Flower Mound, Texas, can break down what child support calculations will be used during your case.

Reach Out To Us For a Consultation

If you are dealing with a divorce in Flower Mound, a divorce lawyer can assist you throughout the entire process. Our attorneys understand that every client has different needs and goals for their cases. We listen to our clients and work with them to achieve their desired results. Whether you have been served with divorce papers or have decided to file for divorce yourself, contact Beal Law Firm to get the process started.

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