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Divorce, Custody, and Family Law Resources


Adultery: The Law in Texas

Can a cheater be sued in Texas?



Adultery: Intentional Infliction Claims



The Importance of Filing First:

Why being the first to file matters



Understanding Texas No-Fault Divorce



Divorce: Five Things to Think About before it happens

End of a Marriage: Process and Procedure



Divorce: Five Ways to Save Money



How much will my case cost?

The Top Four Determining Factors

The Risks of Separation



Six Ways to Save Money in Your Case



Joint Custody – What is it?

Private School: How does it work after Divorce?

Homeschooling: Who gets to decide?



What is Collaborative Divorce?



Collaborative Divorce: Top 5 Questions



Community Property: Six Things to Know



Lifting a Geographic Restriction



Property Division in Divorce



Help for Some Non-Deadbeat Moms and Dads



Parental Alienation - What is it?

And what can courts do about it?



Best Interest of the Child: How Courts Decide Custody Cases



Mediation: How does that work?



Standard Possession Schedule-What is it?



Guideline Child Support: How it works



Custody: Can the Court hear your case?

Jurisdiction for Custody Cases



Joint Managing Conservator:

What it means



Custody: Being Named Primary



Child Support: Additional factors for the court to consider



Divorce: Breaking it down to its parts



What do I have to do if I get served?

Alimony and Spousal Maintenance

Top Twelve Mistakes People Make When Facing Divorce

Depositions: 6 Things to know – including one little secret

Airline Pilot Possession Schedule

How Long Will My Divorce Take? Some Guidelines

Hiring a Divorce Attorney: Common Questions

What Happens if My Ex Passes Away?

Homeschool and Private School in Texas: The Right to make educational decisions before and after a Texas Custody Case or Divorce

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