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Beal Law Firm Adds Former Special Litigator to the Team

Robert Hight is now a part of the Beal Law Firm Team as a Senior Associate attorney. Hight handles all types of family law – Divorce, Custody, Support, etc. – for clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and may be the most experienced child support litigator to ever work at the Firm.

Prior to starting at BLF, Hight was a Special Litigator for the Texas Office of the Attorney General. A Special Litigator is the highest "ranking" Assistant Attorney General in a child support division region that still actually litigates – meaning that he was in the courtroom and not just a manager.

In his role as Special Litigator, Hight handled complex and sensitive cases for the OAG and ensured that the attorneys under him were engaging in best litigation practices. Additionally, Hight trained young attorneys at the Office of the Attorney General and was on the OAG Child Support Division Forms Committee, which means that he helped draft and oversaw changes to the OAG’s standard petitions, orders, and other forms.

In addition to the substantial experience that he brings to the table, Hight has academic credentials to match. Hight graduated from the highly ranked University of Texas School of Law with honors in 2010, and prior to that was the Salutatorian of the Classics program at Baylor University. While at the Office of the Attorney General, Hight won the AAG of the Year award.

A native of the Park Cities, Hight attended and played football at the highly ranked Highland Park High School in Dallas, but now his free-time interests focus much more on his family and love of chess.

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