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Introducing a New Resource to Help

I’m excited to let you know about a resource on our website called “Settify.”

We are one of the first law firms in the country to provide this revolutionary technology to you.

Settify is an online platform designed to take down customized information from you that’s relevant to your case. The goal is to reduce your stress, keep us organized and save cost in the process.

A couple of important points at the beginning:

You don’t have to provide any information if you don’t want to.

Also, you will get the option to stop at any point and save your information or call our office.

If you do use Settify, when you finish, you will receive a customized report that provides all the information you submitted and a detailed outline of the next steps.

At that point, Settify will notify us.

After our Firm has done what is known as a “conflicts check” and we are ready to meet you for an initial consultation, we will also get a report that is customized to you and allows us to give you better legal services from the first time that we meet.

Settify is for you. We believe that you will enjoy using the resource and are confident that it can save you time and money.

At Beal Law Firm, we are dedicated to our clients. Settify is just one of the ways in which we show it.

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