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Beal Law Firm Brings Divorce and Family Law Support to Frisco with Latest Location

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Frisco Square houses entertainment, restaurants, and shops for residents of Collin and Denton counties, and now, Beal Law Firm joins the community.

Beal Law Firm Frisco Office - Divorce Custody Lawyers

Frisco was recognized as the fastest-growing city in the nation last year. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 37 new residents a day are making Frisco their home. Having a well-established law firm that practices exclusively family law will be a significant addition to the area.

Having an attorney by your side with a heart for family, and sensitivity towards the struggles and conflict that can sometimes be associated with child support, divorce, adoption and custody matters is important. Senior attorney Brian Bagley, who is currently adopting his first child with his wife, knows this well.

“Beal Law Firm has five locations now across Texas; we are honored to serve our community in Frisco with this new practice. Frisco is big on family, and so are we. Being there to help people as they experience challenging moments is a genuine privilege that we handle with great respect and effort,” Mr. Bagley said.

Brian Bagley is a graduate with honors from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas. Mr. Bagley will serve as lead attorney for the Beal Law Firm Frisco practice. The attorneys of Beal Law Firm locations handle cases in counties all over Texas. Current Beal Law Firm offices are in Southlake, downtown Fort Worth, Dallas – Park Cities, San Antonio, and this latest office in the north Dallas suburb of Frisco.

Frisco has roots in both Collin and Denton county, two areas Beal Law Firm frequently handles cases in. The Beal Law Firm Frisco location offers video, phone, or in-office consultations before and after traditional working hours.

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